5 Passos para entregar seus projetos


Em um projeto, é fácil entrar fundo nos detalhes e esquecer a visão macro (visão de helicóptero). Para o sucesso da entrega dos seus projetos, você precisa conhecer estes 5 passos…

5 Steps to Delivering Your Projects

On a project, it is easy to get bogged down with the details and forget about the “helicopter view”. You need to take these 5 steps…


Step 1: Define the Goal

Start by setting goals for the project. Sounds easy —but have you actually documented the end goal for your project? Have you specified the objectives, scope and deliverables in a Project Charter?

A Project Charter is like an architectural drawing for a building project. It tells the builder what the end result is going to look like, so the client knows what they will receive and the project manager knows what has to be delivered and by when.

It helps you to direct your team towards the end goal, so everyone is on the same page.

Step 2: Plan the Roadmap

With your end goal defined, the next step is to create a project plan that sets out the path ahead. List all of the phases, activities and tasks for the entire project.

Include delivery milestones and make sure that the right people are allocated to the right tasks so that everyone knows what they are responsible for.

With a concrete plan ahead, you can feel confident about delivering within the timeframe set. Without a concrete plan, no one knows what has to be done and by when, leading to chaos and mayhem (i.e. the usual project environment)!

Step 3: Manage Time Spent

Once you’ve communicated the plan, you then need to ensure that everyone is working on the planned tasks and not tasks unrelated to the end goal. It’s so easy to go off-track on projects because you have lots to do and such little time.

Use timesheets to help your team track time spent. If your team spend more time than that assigned and the task is still not complete, then you will need to investigate why this has occurred and resolve the problems quickly.

Step 4: Keep a Helicopter View

To accurately monitor and report on the project at a helicopter level, you need a crystal clear picture of the project delivery against schedule.

Use smart software to help you get a helicopter view of your project by viewing a dashboard that tells you whether you are on time and under budget, every day of the week (without having to create complex spreadsheets or reports).

You need to know for every task in your project plan, whether it is under / on / over schedule. Only with this detailed knowledge can you control the status of the project and fix problems when they occur, to keep your project on track.

Step 5: Going “Belly Up”

So you’ve done all this but your project is going belly up (i.e. slipping). What then? Well the first step is to investigate the reasons why. It may be that the scope of the project has grown from that originally agreed, or you have encountered complexities that were not identified when you started, or that the plan was too aggressive in the first place.

Regardless, you need to 1) Stop 2) Investigate 3) Resolve 4) Report. You may need to redefine the scope of the project, hire additional resources to help out, or agree with the customer on a new delivery date.

You can do all this easily, using ProjectManager.com


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