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Se você tem se perguntado como gerenciar um projeto, mas não sabe realmente por onde começar: seus problemas acabaram (rs), você vai precisar de uma Proposta para o Projeto ou um RoadMap. Isso dará a você uma visão a frente e quais entregas deverá realizar. Veja a seguir texto do


How to Write a Project Proposal

1. Start with a Workshop

Start by getting the key sponsors, customers and team members together and running a workshop to identify what the requirements of the project are and the ideal solution is.

By running a workshop, it makes it much easier to set a Vision for the project so that you have a clear direction going forward. Without knowing the project requirements, solution and vision you have no chance of delivering your project successfully.

2. Define the Roadmap

You then need to create a roadmap for the project by creating a generic schedule that must be adhered to. In your schedule, include all of the high-level activities that need to be done as well as any key tasks that are critical to success. Then add due dates to the activities and tasks so that you know roughly what must be completed and by when.

This is a high level roadmap, not a detailed project plan so it should take you no more than a few hours to complete.

Then take the roadmap to your project sponsor or boss and get them to agree to it. Only once they have agreed should you proceed with the next step.

3. It’s all about the deliverables:

Then take the solution that was agreed in the workshop and break it down into discrete deliverables with the theory that when all of the deliverables have been produced, your project will be complete.

Define those deliverables in a little depth, so that it’s not easy for people to argue what they are, when the project kicks off in full.

Having well defined deliverables will help you manage the scope of the project, as well as introduce change control along the way.

4. Your Resources and Budget

You then need to identify the resources and budget that are needed to produce the deliverables you’ve identified above.

List all of the people, equipment and materials that you need (at a helicopter level) and once you’ve identify the cost of those resources, add those costs up to calculate your project “budget”.

Most people like to add an extra 10-20% contingency to their budget, to allow for unexpected issues that may arise during the project.

5. Reporting and Ownership

It’s critical that you clearly communicate the status of the project in a timely fashion when your project kicks off, so describe how you’re going to do that.

Will you have regular team meetings, customer presentations and status reports manually, or will you rely on using an online system for your reporting needs?

And finally, list the key success criteria for the project so that everyone knows how success will be measured when the project is complete.

Take all of the above information and write it up in your Project Proposal template and submit it to your boss for approval. When you get it signed, you’re on track to delivering your project successfully.

Download your Project Proposal Template here.

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