It’s time for MüTō’s annual survey on the Top 10 Obstacles to Project Success!

Every year we invite project management professionals across all industries to help us understand what obstacles lead to their greatest project challenges during the past year.

Last year, more than 1,700 respondents took the survey representing 22 industries, 26 countries and 47 types of projects.  Over 63.6% of the respondents worked in teh U.S.A., 9.1% in India, 5.5% in United Kingdom and 3.9% in Canada.  Over 20 other countries represented 17.9%.

Make your voices heard!  We are eager to hear about what you are experiencing on your projects.

Respondents told us that over one half of all projects worldwide are impacted by at least one of the top 10 obstacles. More than one occurs on two out of every five projects!  Thats from $4-6 Trillion at risk of project failure in 2010.


Respondents ranked the Top 10 Obstacles in order of frequency for 2010 as follows:

  1. Changes to Project Scope (Scope Creep)
  2. Resources are Inadequate (Excluding Funding)
  3. Insufficient Time to Complete the Project
  4. Critical Requirements are Unspecified or Missing
  5. Inadequate Project Testing
  6. Critical Project Tasks are Delivered Late
  7. Key Team Members Lack Adequate Authority
  8. The Project Sponsor is Unavailable to Approve Strategic Decisions
  9. Insufficient Project Funding
  10. Key Team Members Lack Critical Skills

We invite you to take our brief survey and let us know what challenges you encountered on your projects in 2011.  (Your individual answers will be as confidential as you need them to be.)

Thank you for your time and support,

The MuTo Team

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